2006 2009

workman in cellar
intentional artworks​​ during working hours

osvaldo cibils
Rovereto, Italy 2006/2009
Prod. Trento, Italy 2011

tags: workman, artist, immigration, vintage, photo-camera, mp3 recordings, repetitions

six sad silent actions
my shoes gallery
shoes installation
where are now the beaks of birds?
where are now the beaks of birds?
darwin devolution
the prisoner
drawing of sand on the floor and fan
atelier installation
art lunch
in vasca painting
warm worm wine
photos hours
photos minutes
workman in cellar mp3 field recordings
1f1sound soundart
the lung tree
actions between 12:43 and 12:45
pullivapor clip
1 of 700 boxes
works on paper
mirror selfportrait

osvaldo cibils. Artist born in Montevideo, Uruguay, 1961. Since 2005 lives and works in Rovereto and Trento, Italy.